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About us

My Story

It all started when I was young.  At age one my parents had discovered a large mass growing in my neck.  The mass has grown to be a size of a baseball.  Due to my age, the doctors refused to operate to remove the mass.  My parents spent countless hours calling around hospitals throughout the city and after a few months, we finally found a surgeon who would take my case, Dr. Miller.

The surgery was scheduled and the operation got under the way.  I was cut from ear to ear along the center line of my neck.  Dr. Miller scraped away the mass and after some time stitched me up.  The surgery was considered a success with directions for recovery, which, included not get my neck wet for at less a week.  I obviously did not hear that part as the next day I was found first thing jumping in the family's swimming pool.  It must have been a beautiful day in sunny California.  Later on my mom found me and flipped out.  She rushed to call Dr. Miller.  He actually thought it was a good sign as I was spending time doing something and not just laying in bed.

A short while afterward, the mass starting growing back, but double the rate and double the size as before.  Another surgery was scheduled with Dr. Miller.  The operation got underway, however this time the die used to distinguish the mass from normal tissue set much longer than the first surgery.  Because of the extra time Dr. Miller found that the mass was much deeper than he discovered during the first surgery.  Unfortunately, the mass was so deep that and had infected my vocal cords and tongue too.  The back of my tongue that was affected was cut off and reattached during this operation.

After the surgery Dr. Miller told my parents the details of the operation.  He told them it be a miracle if I ever spoke again. 

Luckily a miracle happened and I recovered with many, many years of hard work.  From there on, while I could make baby sounds, however being understood was very difficult.  Needless to say, I had a difficult time communicating with others, in which most times I did not want to even try due to being teased and bullied because I could not speak normal like other kids.

It was this time I turned to art.  Art was a way to express my ideas, my thinking, my moods.  I draw on anything and everything, paper, walls, floors, dirt, or whatever I could find. My parents weren't very happy with the art on the walls and floors.  After high school, I got turned on the using jewelry as a medium to express my art.

I began my journey into the industry and was able to learned from the best, third generation French Diamond buyers about diamonds, gemstones, pearls and from Master Jewelers in San Diego.

I attended GIA to study Diamonds and gemstones to further my knowledge and career. After 15 years in the industry working for other companies I had a chance to run my own store. I hopped on and fell in love with jewelry design, for the first time not having boundaries for my designs. I picked up a copy of CAD and taught myself the art of creation from my perspective. I got to push the envelope further and further with each design. Now armed with the knowledge of stones, manufacturing and CAD design I finally had my chance to develop something new, something different, something I love, JCove was born.

Although JCove was the love of designing without boundaries, I wanted my creations to do more than any other jewelry brand and I wanted it represent a way to give back to the world by putting a smile on someone's face one piece at a time. Growing up was difficult for me, I want to be able to help others who need help and since my goal was never to be the greedy company for money.  I wanted my Brand JCove to be more than just another jewelry designer. With so many people in need of help, I wanted to make this our main goal and donate 10% of the sales profit to worthy causes like Woman's breast Cancer and Children's Hospital and people who need help that are in a difficult spot in life.

Please share my cause with your friends and pass along my goal to everyone who wants to be a part of something bigger.

Live a Little and be a part this amazing Brand's journey by shopping at JCove.

The Jewelry:

You find all original designs that you won't find anywhere else. Handcrafted from my team of talented jewelers and made with Harmony metals. Using Harmony metals to help protect the environments and become Green in our mission has become hand and hand with our concept and giving back to the world.

Not only do I create jewelry for my line in my vision, I am happy to custom make any of my designs to your ideal jewelry in an array of metals of your choice. Please feel free to contact me. I do Custom design of one of Kind designs from class rings to luxury bridal jewelry and grand ball jewelry. I specialize in diamond high end jewelry, however without the price tag. That is the advantage of dealing directly with me the designer and manufacturer having over 26 years experience in designing and manufacturing experience of high end jewelry. I hope you enjoy my newly added collections of 100% unique jewelry.